Friday, March 16, 2012

ME Squats/RE Upper Body

Hoist Compound Leg Press: 315x5, 430x5, 545x3, 670x5x3

Nautilus Nitro Bench Press (Using Barbell Bench Max to calculate): 105x10, 105x7+3, 105x5+3+2, 105x4+3+3

Arched Back Good Morning: 90x5, 125x5, 145x3, 180x5x3

Nautilus Nitro Compound Row: 85x10x4

Hoist Roc-It Leg Curls: 97x5, 116x5, 167x3, 199x5x3

Hoist Roc-It Mid Row: 116x10x4

Seated Calf Raises: 60x5x6

Nautilus Nitro Lateral Raises: 75x10x4

Behind The Back Shrugs:  115x10x4

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