Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Upper Body Heavy

All Notation: Weight x Reps x Sets

Close Grip Bench Press: 60x5, 85x5, 115x3, 140x5x3.  Am using the heavy day of the Prilepin Bench Program that you could get  from Tsampa.org, Kristoffer Lindqvist's site besides Virtualmeet.net.  Have used it before, just switched it around to do sets of 3 and 5 vice sets of 2 or 3.

Nautilus Nitro Pullover: 50x15x3

Hoist Roc-It Wide Lat  Pulldown: 72x15x3

Offset DB Farmers Walk: 55 x 4 trips of 30 yards each arm

LifeFitness Treadmill: 6 intervals of 30 seconds at 9.5 MPH and 90 seconds at 3.5 MPH.  Have to start putting in running time, but also have to rev my metabolism up.  This was my first day doing VO2 Max work, and it sucked.  But thinking of those times when I want to push my runs and I quickly fade, I need this.

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