Sunday, March 22, 2009

ME Upper Body

Thursday, I ran for two miles in the morning.

Friday started out the same. Then I did this workout right after my morning run:

All Notation: Weight x Reps x Sets

Incline Bench Press (205): Worked up to 185x1, 205x1, 195x1

Overhead Shrugs (175): worked up to a 175 1RM.

Assisted Pullups (Average Band): 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 reps.

Hammer ISO Rows (140): worked up to a 140 single, then 85x10x4

Incline DB Lateral Raises: 10x7x5

Barbell Curls: 60x10x5. Supersetted with the lateral raises.

Then I ran drills and sprints and did mobility work on the soccer field at around 3PM. That should have been it. But I found myself at 8PM playing volleyball with my friends for 3+ hours. I spent my last hour running on fumes, and the weekend sleeping it off. I felt wiped out and beat up and craving McDonalds!!!

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