Tuesday, March 17, 2009

RE Upper Body


2 Mile Run in 17:46. And that was with a minute of walking because I was getting owned - - - Navy people only have to run 1.5 miles tops (except maybe your special operations guys) so I've had some adjustment to make. So, I'm improving.

Today we could either do a 5K run event or our own thing. So since I blew off my regularly scheduled workout yesterday to go to a fancy fish restaurant (La Paillote, really tasty . . . who knew?!?), I did said workout this morning. The workout went great, and I also added intervals today to start getting myself lean again and to improve my run time.

Flat Bench Press (195): 125x10x4

Assisted Chinups (Average Band): 11, 10, 9, 8, 7 reps. An improvement, and my last week of chinups with the average bands. Next week, I switch to the purple bands.

Overhead Shrugs: worked up to a 185 lbs single

Hammer ISO High Rows (110p): 65x10x4

Incline Front Raises: 10x7x5

Hammer Curls: 25x10x5

Intervals on a Treadmill (1.5 Degree incline): 3 intervals of 1 minute at 9.5 MPH and 2 minutes at 3.8 MPH


lscrewy said...

What's your weight now? 17:45 in the 2 mile isn't bad for guys our age. In H.S. I was posting a 12:30 for two miles, but I was 120 lbs. Much easier then! LOL

Alberto said...

I'm back down to under 220 lbs (about 219). By July, I should be back down to about 200-205 lbs. I hate running but aside from all the military branches requiring it, it really is effective and simple.