Friday, August 15, 2008

WSFSB III: ME, RE, DE Lower Body!!!

Walked for an hour in my body armor to get the blood flowing, then relaxed for an hour;)

My scheduled workout was 250 lbs for 5 sets of 3. But since I missed a squat workout last week that would have made today my singles day (that, and I was once again really frisky), I skipped all the other shit and just squatted.

All Notation: weight x reps x sets

Smith Machine Box Squats (Slightly Below Parallel)(ME): 135x5, 165x3, 195x2, 225x1, 255x1, 285x1, 295x0

Smith Machine Box Squats (Slightly Below Parallel)(RE): 250x3x4. Since I had 2 reps above 90% 1RM in the bag, I just did 4 sets of 3.

Smith Machine Box Squats (Slightly Below Parallel)(DE): 140x2x10. After set 6, I started to get slower.

And thus ends my five week load. I hit all the numbers I wanted to hit except for weight: last
Sunday I weighed in a pound heavier (214) than the week before but today I weighed in at 212. It ain't the 210 I wanted but I will take it. Since I've been squatting more often or gaining more reps in some lifts, I have probably put on some muscle. But 4 days of vest walking has done it for me again. Next week, it will be 4 days of running, 3 days of vest walking, and deadlifts. 18 weeks to go!!!

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