Saturday, August 30, 2008


Right now, I'm on the first 3 week wave, which is a 215 lbs Flat Bench Press (The targets are in pink). The numbers I use for the Close Grip Bench on RE day are 60 percent of that target for reps, on the DB Curls I'm ahead of the curve, I'm not doing Preacher Curls this wave but I finished the last wave 5 pounds off. I hit the target for Flat DB Bench Press last wave. For Incline Bench Press, I may end up covered up to the 265 pound mark after next week. The Hammer ISO Rows are just listed, not computed: My goals for the ISO rows are 195 (or target bodyweight for each arm, to help my chinups/pullups), and 175 for the High Rows. The percentages for that spreadsheet were based on the structural balance article by Charles Poliquin, an article by Mike Boyle called So You Think You Know Strong, Jim Wendler's Casual Bench/Max Effort Made Easy articles, and pouring through all my workouts and number crunching and figuring out what my best indicator exercises are. As one looks through my workouts, the bench stuff should now make more sense. That is, why and where the numbers are coming from.

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