Monday, September 01, 2008

WSFSB III: ME Upper Body

Funny, I was thinking of how to adjust my sprinting workout to be a lot shorter, and fate had an answer (Cue up the theme to "Jaws"). What is everyone's worst fear in the gym?

I was setting up for a 205 attempt on inclines so I went to grab some 35s. Ever thought it was stupid when people fill the pegs on a weight tree to the rim, like coffee? No sooner do I start grabbing a 35, it drops right on my big toe of my right foot. It was one of those pains that took the breath out of me and made me see stars.

I was too spent for that 205, though I could have blamed it on the injury to save face. Anyhow, as soon as the bench presses were done, I took off my sneaker and it was already red and bleeding. I could barely walk on it but I was a little better after 800mg of Motrin, and went to Ab Class at 6:30PM. I was supposed to jog, but walked in the vest instead for an hour. I may have to reconsider that though, my left hip started to get tired so I knew I was already starting to favor my left leg and that ain't a good thing. After I got out of the shower around 9:30PM I looked at my toe and the top half of it is black and blue but the nail was spared.

So, it's either broken or really badly bruised. But since I don't want to be put on light and limited duty (cause then I would have to stay away from the gym) or be possibly sent home, and there ain't much that could be done with it, I'm going to carefully gut this one out. Everything that requires me to push off the toe is out: calf raises, sprints, jogging, maybe even the walks. We'll see how the front squats go, the smith machine squats and deads are fine. I might do the elliptical but may just use the rowing machine for the time being. I'll adjust my diet if I need to.

All Notation: Weight x Reps x Sets

Incline Bench Press: 75x6, 105x6, 135x6, 165x6, 195x1, 175x6, 205x0, 135x10, 115x15. Tried to do the wave load thing. I think if I had just worked up to a 1 RM, I might have got the 205: I got it down smooth but did not have anything left to launch it with. In the end, the volume was all good.

Assisted Pullups (Monster Mini Band): 4 sets of 4

Assisted Pullups (Average Band): 4 sets of 8

Hammer ISO High Rows: 75x10x4

Hammer ISO Shoulder Press: 90x5x5. These should have been a little easier than they were. Then again, I DID do a lot of incline pressing.

DB Curls: 40x5x5. All done clustered, and it was a struggle. Especially with my right arm, usually the strong arm but today lagging a rep or two behind so I need one more cluster with the right arm each set just to get the five. I want to blame the pullups but I think it has something to do with Friday's deadlift workout. I haven't fully recovered from it (remember, I had done a lot of make-up stuff that week), but I have also switched which hands are staggered. For a long time, I always pondered how my left arm has a slightly peakier bicep but a slightly less meaty upper forearm. I always thought that it was because my left hand is the UNDER hand and my right hand is the OVER hand when I deadlift, as it has been since I've been deadlifting. So I switched hands. Ergo, my troubles today.


Mich said...

Ouch. Sorry to hear about the toe. Hope it heals quickly.

Alberto said...

Thanks, Mich. I lucked out: I got x-rays done and there were no fractures or breaks. I just blew it up. Today it's almost regular colored with no pain and my calf, which I strained from adjusting my walk, is almost healed, too.