Saturday, September 06, 2008

WSFSB III: RE Lower Body

My calf was better and my toe is almost there, so into the gym I went for a late evening workout (12:00 AM). Felt good to be back. I had gone on Tuesday for x-rays and was told that there were no fractures or broken bones, just a lot of bruising. They gave me some Naprosyn for the pain and an antibiotic for the cuts, and I was on my way. Took a few days off not just to let the toe heal up but also the calf on the same leg: altering my walk and having taken a walk in the vest that day with said walk strained my calf.

Smith Machine Box Squats (Slightly Below Parallel): 175x10x4.

Assisted Pistols (Average Band): 5 sets of 5.

Full Range GHR: 5 sets to failure

Hanging Leg Raises: 5 sets to failure

Decline Twisting Situps: 5 sets to failure

Hammer Calf Presses: 175x10x4

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