Sunday, September 07, 2008

WSFSB III: RE Upper Body

Didn't really want to be in the gym last night. Because of having to make up workouts to stay on track, my next day off from the gym will be on Wednesday after 5 straight days in the gym. And after Ab Class and 1 hour of walking in the body armor, I was kinda pooped. So I changed a few things today, to give me an incentive to go but also to gauge where I was at. Not bad, not bad at all.

DB Shoulder Press: 25x3, 30x3, 35x3, 40x3, 45x3, 50x3, 55x3, 60x3, 65x2. I wanted to really test on this lift and since I have had more than enough rest then this was the time. So instead of the Hammer shoulder press. I went for a 3 RM on this lift. I will probably just stick with this movement for all my delt work until December, and just change the rep schemes.

Flat Bench Press w/Monster Mini Bands: Worked up to a 115 triple and a 135 pound single. More to see what I could do right now, and where I can set it up. I found a rack, ran one end under it, and attached both ends to the bar. A little on the strong side but good.

Hoist Assisted Dips (Weight is bodyweight minus assistance): 145x8x3

Assisted Chinups (Monster Mini Band): 4 sets of 4

Assisted Chinups (Average Band): 4 sets of 8

Hammer ISO Row (Lats): 90x10x4

Incline DB Curls: 30x5x5

Trap Bar Shrugs: 144x10x4

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