Monday, August 18, 2008


Abs Class and 1-hr of walking in body armor. 5 walks in 6 days.

Sunday: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

Before I walked in to work in the morning, tested myself on pullups and chinups outside. Hit 3 with minimal kip. Hurrah!

Decided to do same loading I did last wave for DB Benches. Tested incline bench press at lunchtime: 185x3

Abs Class

Incline Bench Press: 165x5x5

Assisted Pullups (Monster Mini Band): 3 sets of 3, 1 set 0f 2

Assisted Pullups (Average Band): 4 sets of 7. First 3 of those sets were almost 8 reps but just didn't have enough to go all the way to the top.

Hammer ISO High Rows: 105x5x5

Hammer ISO Shoulder Press: 65x10x4

DB Curls: 30x10, 30x7+3, 30x5+3+2, 30x4+3+2+1. Didn't know how else to write it, so I'll describe it. Based on what I could lift, I calculated I should have been lifting a 27 lbs DB . . . . not gonna happen. So I rounded up. First set was a clean 10 reps, 10th rep was hard. Second set, I failed at 7 reps, rested 10 seconds, got the other 3. Third set, failed at 5 reps, rested 10 seconds, failed at 3, rested 10 seconds, got the other two. As you can guess, last set was a doozy.

Intervals on a Treadmill (1.5 Degree incline): 4 intervals of 1 minute at 8.8 MPH and 2 minutes at 3.0 MPH.

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