Monday, August 31, 2009

5/3/1: Round 2 Wave 2 Workout 1

Today, I worked out with two people from my office who knew that I liked to powerlift. One of them wanted to attempt a 270 max and needed a competent spotter, and they both wanted to try something different. So I brought my 2 & 3-boards along and we worked up to heavy singles today. I managed to work up to a 225 single, plus a set at 60% of Triceps Death (rep out with no board, 2-board, then 3-board all with no rest.

The other guy, Jesus, went for broke with 275 but only got it two inches off of his chest (After his 245 single, I saw maybe 265 tops in him). This blew his load because he tried a 265 single a few minutes later and it went nowhere. He did the Triceps Death with 155 and afterward exclaimed that there was no way he could do the rest of his chest workout.

The last guy, Devin, did the same as me but maybe not as easily. He cranked out a few more reps than me with the Triceps Death, though.

Afterwards, I did 5 sets of 3 with bodyweight chinups, then 15 minutes on the bike before calling it a day.

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